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Biomila® is a brand name of the Slovak organic food. Biomila® is a name of a quality food made of spelt wheat, common wheat, rye, apples and different types of herbs. The total portfolio of the company is represented by some 40 different products. They are typical for their delicate natural flavour and aroma as well as for their positive effects on the human health. Some Biomila® products are awarded by the consumers („the favourite organic food in Slovakia“ for years 2005 – Spelt wholegrain grits, 2009 – Spelt wholegrain bread sticks, 2010 – Dried apples, 2011 – Spelt wholegrain pasta „tarhona“, 2013 – Spelt pasta penne, 2014 – Spelt pasta spirales).

Biomila spol. s r.o. (i.e. Ltd.) is a Slovak company processing and trading different organic products. Its seat is in a beautiful countryside region „Myjava“ on the west side of Slovakia. The company has its own processing capacities such as stone mill, pasta-processing plant, tea mixing and packaging, apples drying and packaging and also a storehouse. Sources for the production are coming from the organic farming in Slovakia. There are some 150 hectares of land under the organic (ecological) farming in Myjava region (arable land, apple orchard) which are used entirely for the Biomila spol. s r.o. production. 
The main trade partners are market chains operating in Slovakia (i.e. Kaufland, dm drogerie markt, BILLA, Metro, COOP Jednota, CBA...), retail trade specialized on healthy food, pharmacies, e-shops, food banks, etc. The company itself provides an internet shopping with a great success. Some of the products are exported to Bulgary. Besides its own products the company also trade with other organic products of different brands, mostly coming from Czech Republic or Spain.

All the processes and products of the Biomila spol. s r.o. are permanently controlled and certified by a competent body – company Naturalis SK, s.r.o. (there is a sign „SK-BIO-002“ on all our products). In addition to this there are also special signs of a green „Euroleaf“ and a Slovak sign approving the organic origin of the food. Each operation of the company is controlled and certified by a state veterinary and food administration body which executes the samples taking and audits in line with HACCP quality system. Company Biomila spol. s r.o. is also a proud owner of a certificate ISO 22000:2005 system quality control. Our view is to bring the alternative quality organic food to those people who are interested in healthy life style and care of nature and life.

If you are interested in products of the company Biomila spol. s r.o., please, do not hesitate to contact us: janovicek@biomila.sk

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